Rauls Auto Repair BMW Car Service and Repair
BMW Car Service and Repair
Rauls Auto Repair BMW Car Service and Repair
Maintenance Services

Inspection 1: Every 30,000 Miles. This inspection service is one of the two recommended BMW services yet it ensures that your car is safe and mechanically sound. At a scheduled rate of every 6th oil change, a few things need to be replaced, but even more components need to be inspected as the heart of this inspection.

  • Engine Oil and Filter change
  • Engine Air Filter change
  • Cabin Air Filter change
  • Check transmission, power steering, exhaust system, and fuel system for leaks
  • Examine brake system and fluid level, clean brake contact points, inspect disc surfaces and pad life
  • Check for play and wear in control arm bushings, steering tie rods, steering linkage, and axle joints
  • Check tire life, tread pattern, pressure, and balance
  • Check cooling system (hoses and coolant)
  • Electrical: Check BMW diagnostic computer for stored faults, perform battery load test, check all lights, signals, windshield washer system, and reset computer
  • Perform road test for brakes, suspension, steering, acceleration, and transmission performance

Inspection 2: Every 60,000 Miles. This service includes everything featured in the Inspection 1 plus the replacement of a few additional components that wear out after 60,000 miles.

  • Everything for Inspection 1 Service Plus:
    • Fuel filter replacement
    • Spark plugs replacement
    • Transmission fluid replacement
    • Differential fluid replacement(Only For Manual Transmissions)

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